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Emanate is a Web3 start up

Emanate is a music technology platform designed to become more decentralised over time and the EMT token plays a role in aligning the incentives for all actors in the ecosystem.

Blockchain Music Pty Ltd is an Australian-based private company that is launching the Emanate network.

The EMT token economy is designed to protect users, to give users governance rights and is held by users as a trust deposit in order to use the technology. Blockchain Music Pty Ltd is the only company with the right to sell subscriptions for the Emanate network.

Private investors, VCs, Family Offices

Emanate is currently in a seed round, funds have been committed already. If you are interested in investing in Emanate you should email team@emanate.live.

Retail investors and EMT Tokens

No retail investment opportunities in Emanate are available at present outside of secondary markets. EMT tokens are not designed to be a speculative investment vehicle, and the team behind Emanate cannot advocate the purchase of cryptocurrency as an investment, due to the volatility and legislative uncertainty around cryptocurrencies.

If you understand the risks and legalities and you do wish to buy or sell EMT tokens, they have been made available to purchase on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges that can be found via coingecko